Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Letchworth State Park

Inspiration in the Forest
In 1987 I carved my initials on a tree near the old train bridge inside of Letchworth State Park. Locals refer to the park as the "Grand Canyon of the East", largely due to the magnificent gorge along the Genesee River. The park stretches for 17 miles and is home to 3 major waterfalls. Every angle of the park promises a unique view with fresh air. Letchworth offers a variety activities for all visitors. Hiking and camping are great summer activities. Children can explore and learn about how the glaciers traveled through this area of the world, leaving behind sandstone, limestone and marine fossils. During the winter months, visitors can cruise through snowmobile trails and experience winter wildlife. In the fall, a painters palette of warm colors outline the landscape. If you enjoy raging waterfalls, a visit to the park in the spring is a must! The sound of the rushing water will captivate audiences of all ages. Use the entrance in Castille, NY and grab a map. It is easy to get lost in the park, so pay attention. If you travel with a dog, it is important to keep him/her on a leash. Bring a picnic lunch or dine with one of the local restaurants. Take in the scenery, relax and be inspired!

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  1. You are describing something I live in.
    I was born in Citta' di Castello (Umbria) the green heart of Italy. We have a lot of woods just few feet outside the town. Try to spend some time in this kind of situation, you feel good. Bye bye