Monday, June 11, 2012

Saint Louis At Its BEST!

If you are traveling through, around, in the air, next to or away from Saint Louis you will see the famous Gateway Arch and be amazed at its size and beauty. The majestic midwestern icon is a symbol of midwest and attracts tourists, locals and pass thru travelers every day. Go beneath the Arch and learn about midwestern expansion at the underground museum. The Mississippi River is adjacent to the arch and offers helicopter and steamboat rides along the shore. Grab lunch at a restaurant along Laclede's Landing and enjoy cobblestone streets and horse drawn carriages.
Gateway Arch with a view of downtown Saint Louis in the background.
Another great place to visit is the historic Budweiser brewery. Take a free tour, sample free beers and learn about a landmark in American history. The famous Clydesdale horses are viewable during the tour as well. Upgrade your tour to "Beermaster" status for a small fee and a more intimate tour. One of the most amazing sites at the brewery are the historical building on and surrounding the campus.
Historic Anheuser-Busch brewery

Saint Louis is baseball heaven! I learned this during the 2011 World Series Championship. Grab a few tickets to the game, wear red and head out to the ballgame! Experiencing a game in the summer time can be quite taxing, so try to find seats in the shade! Try the Food Network's Hot Dog Experience while you are visiting Busch Stadium along with a fresh, cold Budweiser!
Busch Stadium

Shhhh!!! One of the best kept recreational secrets in the midwest is Forest Park. Its is  larger than Central Park in NYC. The park offers free admission to the Saint Louis Zoo, Art Museum and History Museum. You can catch a fabulous lineup of plays at the infamous Muny outdoor open air theatre. Stroll through the park and grab lunch at the Boathouse. Rent a paddle boat and float to the middle of the lake and catch a few rays of sunshine. Walk around Art Hill and enjoy the fountains. You can golf, play tennis, rent a segway and train for a marathon in Forest Park! Enjoy a cup of Joe in the coffee shop, which is located in the visitors center.

Spring tulips near the Jewel Box in Forest Park.
Lena's Tips for Traveling to Saint Louis!
1. Parking is free on many of the streets around Saint Louis. If there isn't a sign or meter, do worry about paying!

2. Many restaurants in Soulard offer a free shuttle to Cardinals, Blues and RAMS games.

3. If you hear a siren and see golf ball sized hail, seek shelter!

4. When dining out,  keep in mind the standard cheese for pizza is Provel in Saint Louis. If you want mozzarella, you have to ask.

5.  If you haven't sampled a Budweiser or any other local brew consider your trip a bust!!!!!

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