Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Escape to the US Virgin Islands

Beaches, Beer Drinking Pigs and Tropical Drinks
A few weeks ago I was ready for a healthy dose of sunshine, so I booked a flight and headed to St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. A passport is not required for this Caribbean getaway so pack your bag, lather up with sunscreen and get ready to enjoy the beach.

If you are looking for an relaxing beach scene, check

into the Carambola Resort Hotel. The hotel is located out of the downtown area, however you will find that white sandy beach, rocky cliffs and palm trees make up for the location.

During my visit I was lucky enough to check
out the 2010 Agricultural Fair. Native islanders had an opportunity to showcase local Cruzian dishes in a pavilion style food buffet. There were several stages for live music and
lots of activities for children. You could even buy raffle tickets for $1.00 and try your luck at winning a goat.
All travelers who make it to this great island need to visitthe Montpellier Domino Club. A thatched roof bamboo hut in the middle of the rainforest is home to Hurricane Roger, the beer drinking pig. I purchased two cans of
O'Doul's, gave them a good shake and went into the pigs lair. The black pigs jumped up as soon as they saw another opportunity for a beer. I was soaked with beer after feeding two pigs and my stomach hurt from laughing so hard. Another great thing about the Montepellier Domino Club is the Mammahuana, a secret rum drink made with honey and a few other special ingredients. You can also enjoy a Carib Lager, a beer native to Trinidad.

Other great activities on the island include spending an evening participating in the crab races. For $2 you can hand pick the a hermit crab, give it a name and cheer on your crab for prizes! The Brew Pub downtown has a great race on Monday evenings. Prizes are usually gift certificates to local restaurants and shops on the island.

My favorite day trip included a day at the beach in Fredericksted. Rainbow beach was a really cool scene, and home to Rythyms. Rythym's was a beach cafe with live music and wonderful food! This beach overlooks the most beautiful water one can imagine. 

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