Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Urban Edge Necklace

Blue Moon beads recently came out with a new line of beads called Urban Warrior. This collection is very edgy, and contains many trendy components neccessary for spring! I sat in my studio this weekend in St. Louis, Missouri and found many inspirations for the "Urban Edge Necklace".

My workspace is located in downtown St. Louis, in a neighborhood known as Soulard. Soulard is a very unique city neighborhood boasting buildings from the late 1800's. The french row houses, brick lined streets, noisy pubs and festivals in February give this American hotspot the unique urban edge.

I opened the window in my studio, and listened to the sounds of a blues band at a local pub. The busy streets were filled with pre-Mardi Gras partiers, and the park across the street was morphing into a stage for the 20th annual Pet Parade Weiner Dog Derby and Bacon Brothers concert.

Create your own Urban Edge necklace by using tiger tail wire, crimp beads, a toggle clasp, stone chip beads and various components from the Blue Moon Urban Warrior bead collection.

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